A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (and you shouldn't go alone anyway).
No wrong questions here, if it's all about trading, fire away!
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General Forum Rules
The following rules apply everywhere :

  • Respect fellow members and staff, it helps keep TraderTalk Community a friendly environment.


  • PM/TOPIC spam is not tolerated, it leads to a direct permanent ban.

  • Do not ask members to give you positive feedback, if you are caught doing it, do not say we did not warn you.

  • You may not leave negative feedback to people you never had a deal with.

  • You can have one account only, there is no need for multiples, this is a discussion forum.

  • You may advertise anything you want in your signature, as long as it's not interfering with point 2 of the general rules.

  • You may not sell your account.

  • You may sell/rent your signature in TraderTalk. Please check signature selling rules thread for further information.

  • You may not sell Virtual Credit Cards ( VCC ).

  • You are advised to avoid successive double posting, use the modify button.

  • Respect the thread bumping rule, one bump every 24 hours only, note that you can't bump someone else's thread if it hasn't been 24 hours since his last bump.

  • You canot have duplicate topics.

  • When leaving feedback, keep it clean and logical.

  • URL shortening services ( such as bitly, adfly, linkbucks, etc... ) are not allowed.

  • Personal Investment Schemes in any format are Not Allowed even if it comes with an outside link attached. No Money asking or taking inside EMS.
Friendly Advice
  • Make sure your TraderTalk password is different, we strongly advice you to not use the same password everywhere.
Chat Room Rules
  • Respect fellow members/staff.

  • Do not spam or post referral links.

  • Do not make deals in the chat room.
Failure to abide by these rules, might result in the permanent ban of your account, these are simple rules, it shouldn't be hard to follow them.

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